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Paragon Drive Backup Server Express 2008

Paragon Drive Backup Server Express 2008 : Easy and cost-effective server backup and recovery for small business needs! backup. Drive Backup Server Express 2008 is a solution to provide advanced backup and restore functionalities for the never uncovered segment of market. The new strategy of backup is explained through the product idea. It was designed specially for such small companies that don’t usually have their own IT Administrator and use out sources for occasional backups because of the limited budget. Thus their information is in great danger, because it

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Paragon Drive Backup (Personal Edition) 7.0

Protect your system and data against disasters! Drive Backup is complete and easy solution for hard disk backup, image, upgrade and cloning. While data kept in your personal computer is of a greatest value to you, are they really safe? The up-to-date backup image created with Paragon Drive Backup is the best insurance you may have in any disaster case.

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EzBackup Backup & Restore is easy as 1,2,3...

backup of your chosen source drive. Backups can be run automatically, as a schedule, or manually, and all data written to your source drive will be mirrored (written) to your backup drive. Additionally, any file deleted from your source drive will also be deleted from the backup drive, keeping the drives exactly alike. • Image and Incremental Data: First, EzBackup creates an image of the selected source drive. From this point on, all modified data

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Supreme Backup 3.72: Hard drive backup software that can perform an incremental backup to ftp.
Supreme Backup 3.72

Backup is hard drive backup software that will backup your files to a local folder, local drive, local area network, remote share, email address, or FTP server. Supreme Backup runs unobtrusively in the system tray and allows you to schedule an incremental backup on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. An excellent feature is that you can rotate backup locations, or backup to many locations all at once. Supreme Backup can backup files to multiple locations

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EzBackup101 1.0: Automatic backup that`s easy enough for beginners
EzBackup101 1.0

backup drive (such as an external USB drive) and you`re good to go. Set up your own backup schedule if you prefer, backup manually, or just do nothing. EzBackup101 will automatically backup all of your new and changed files at the same time every day. Automatic backup guarantees that your files get copied to your backup drive and will be available if you need to restore them. That means you don`t have to remember to backup. You don`t have to manually

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Gackup .9.0.0: Gackup is a simple, free photo and file backup  tool for Google Drive.
Gackup .9.0.0

Gackup is a simple, free photo and file backup tool for Google Drive. Gackup allows you to keep your files where they are, back them up in Google Drive, and allow you to browse and restore copied files. Gackup was built to provide a simple, free alternative to paid backup services, leveraging Google Drive storage. All you need is the Gackup client, a Google account, and an internet connection.

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Cucku Backup 2.11: Free, unlimited Local and Remote Backup to friends or other PCs using Skype.
Cucku Backup 2.11

backup using a USB memory drive, external hard drive or DVD. After your backup partner has imported your backup you only need to send new and changed files over the Internet. Export also allows you to quickly transfer your backup back from your partner if you need to restore. Cucku Backup supports one active backup partner. Upgrade to Cucku Backup Pro and you can add unlimited backup partners and host up to five simultaneous backups. Cucku Backup

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